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User-friendly option trading on crypto, NFT and more.

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Why Vyper?

⚑️ Trading, simplified

Select an asset, monitor the chart and place a trade! It is easy peasy and no registration is required.

🧠 Make smarter decisions

Customise your chart with technical indicators and widgets β€” everything you need to make more profitable trades.

πŸ’° Trade what you want

Forex, cryptocurrencies, and synthetics – whether it’s the world markets or derived markets that excite you, you’ll find them here.

🌎 Explore new markets

Create new derivatives contract in just a few clicks and choose from a wide range of payoffs, collaterals and expiries. The only limit is your imagination.

Is the market going UP or DOWN?

Predict the right direction and immediately see your profits.

1) Trade with confidence

Multiply your potential profit without risking more than your stake.

2) Onchain deposit and withdrawal

With all the transactions onchain, you can monitor deposits and withdraws in real-time.

3) Non-custodian

You are always in control of your funds and we can not access them at any time.

4) Demo account

Practise trading with Vyper as long as you like using vypUSD, our demo currency.

What others are saying

Vyper has been praised by our exceptional ecosystem of users and partners.

BNB Chain
Winner European Innovation Program

The winning teams have demonstrated exceptional potential and we are excited to see what the future holds for them.

GUAC Intern
Core team at GuacaDAO

The gang here loves Vyper - you guys have built a great product πŸ”₯


What is Vyper DEX?

Vyper is a marketplace that allows anyone to trade a wide range of on-chain derivatives in a transparent and easy way. Users can choose from a wide range of assets and trade securely thanks to fully collateralized positions.

Vyper leverages an exchange model, meaning that all trades are matched between a buyer and a seller directly with upfront collateral.

How is this different from other DEXs?

Vyper supports a large number of assets and payoffs which you can not find on other exchanges, be it crypto but also more traditional assets such as commodities, volatility and FX.

Every trade is segregated meaning that trades on Vyper can't be liquidated and you can trade with confidence.

What assets are available for trading?

With Vyper every data feed provided by oracles can become a tradeable asset on Vyper, as of today we support several markets such as BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, PEPE, BONK, and many more blue-chip coins as well as meme coins.

All data feeds from Pyth and Switchboard are supported on Solana, and all Chainlink oracles are supported on EVM.

What are UP and DOWN market?

UP and DOWN markets are also known as binary option. To enter a trade, you need to forecast the direction of the asset (UP or DOWN) and you will pay a premium. You profit if the final price closes above (for UP) or below (for DOWN) the strike price, otherwhise you will lose the premium paid.

UP and DOWN markets are high leverage products, meaning that you can get a high return on your investment up to 100% but you can also lose your entire investment.

What is the minimum deposit?

The beauty of Vyper is that you can trade with any amount of money, there is no minimum deposit because the all platform is operated on-chain. You can trade with as little as 1 USDC.

All transactions are subject to an external fee which goes to miners or stakers, this fee is not controlled by Vyper.

Where does the liquidity come from?

Some markets on our platform have guaranteed liquidity, meaning that you will be able to trade even if there is no other trader on the other side. This instant liquidity can be provided by the project themselves or by designated market makers. At all times users are treated equally, meaning that market makers have the same collateral requirements as other users.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in providing liquidity to our platform.

How do I get in touch?

You can reach us for any questions, suggestions or business proposals on Discord or Twitter.