Vyper Protocol

permissionless derivatives

a DeFi primitive to create, trade, and settle, on-chain derivatives

Vyper is a primitive for permissionless derivatives. It allows anyone to participate in derivatives trading

Vyper Core gives users a complete choice over the type of payoff, collateral, and pricing sources

The unique architecture brings scalability and modularity to derivatives, bridging TradFi to DeFi




plug and play

built by traders and devs, for you

the Vyper team is composed of builders ready to shape the future of on-chain derivatives

Vyper provides a common infrastructure so that launching a new protocol becomes much easier:

  • Launch quickly
  • Iterate often
  • Out of the box modularity
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built on Vyper Core

Vyper Vaults

auto-compounding vaults for world class farmers: forget about impermanent loss

Vyper OTC

trade peer-to-peer derivatives and experience the true power of Vyper Core

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